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Buzzer Beater: NC Legislature Permanently Protects Hemp-Derived Products

Buzzer Beater: NC Legislature Permanently Protects Hemp-Derived Products

Posted by LR Staff on Jul 22nd 2022

Clock management in basketball is a critical strategy at both the college and pro levels. Particularly in the second half, the last few minutes of game time can seem an eternity…depending on timeouts, fouls, and out of bounds. Any sports fan has a favorite so-named Buzzer Beater, that shot in the game’s last second when the dream of stealing victory from the jaws of defeat becomes a reality.

In an entirely different arena, the workings of our state and national legislatures are a game of their own–and timing can still be crucial. Laws are conceived in a spin-cycle of drafts, bills, committees, floor votes and vetoes. We won’t be unveiling this process here, but do want to emphasize how close hemp products came to again becoming unlawful in North Carolina–until saved by a Buzzer Beater vote on the floor.

‘Tipoff’ was in 2015 when a pilot NC industrial hemp system was passed attached to a federal production program. This arrangement expired at the end of June 2022. Along the way nationally Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp-derived products containing less than 0.3% ∆9 THC.

The ‘game’ of NC hemp was underway, but producers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers all remained wary of hemp’s precarious legal status as they sprung up across the state in the past few years.

While many specifics were sorted out along the way, the final June 2022 countdown still loomed. A broad 2022 Farm Bill was already in the works but in jeopardy until certain language from 2015 was removed and rewritten, thus the need for a separate Sen. Bill 455 in early April.

Sen. Brent Jackson (R-Sampson) and Sen. Julie Mayfield (D-Buncombe) led the charge as two months turned into two days. Thanks to their hard work, other ‘teammates,’ and that of the SE Hemp Association, all hemp-derived THC products are exempted from the state’s Controlled Substances list and therefore permanently lawful (marijuana remains for now).

For any fan of natural medicine and feeling better it was a political Buzzer Beater for the ages. The ability for legislation to pass…just in time…is a huge win for the 1500+ hemp producers statewide, plus countless distributors and retailers but mostly YOU the customer.

Why not celebrate the team’s 11th-hour victory with a selection of our fine THC products? Call it a ‘Buzzer Eater’. We’re happy to offer our whole selection for 15% off!!

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