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Using Tinctures


Guide to Using Tinctures

by LR Staff


Our CBD, THCV and Delta-8 tinctures are great method to address a variety of symptoms.  They are safe, potent and 3rd-party lab verified.

However, we realize not all folks are familiar with medicating using tincture droppers and this information is for you!

Tinctures and oils are the result of extracting and processing cannabinoids (natural oils unique to the cannabis plant) that are then mixed with flavors and a 'carrier' oil (such as MCT / coconut oil) to proper strength.  Technically (and historically in medicine) tinctures use ethanol alcohol instead of a CO₂ extraction method but here we use cannabis 'oils' and 'tinctures' interchangeably.

Shake the bottle well before using.

Typically there are 30 mL of product in our 1 fluid oz. bottles--equating to 30 full-dropper servings.  We recommend starting out any product with a quarter or half-dropper dose first.  Our droppers in the bottle are marked for easy and precise dosing.

There are two ways to ingest tinctures:

  • Orally: either swallow directly or add to food or drink.  Quick and easy but because of 'first-pass' metabolism the effects can be longer and less potent.  The oils have a lower bioavailability (potency) as they travel through the digestive system to the liver to be metabolized.
  • Sublingually: place the desired does underneath your tongue and let it absorb, ideally without swallowing (you don't have to hold your tongue up after dropping).  The glands and blood vessels under are ideal for absorbing the product and after a few minutes of mild swishing it should be mostly gone.  Feel free to swallow the remainder and rinse with a beverage.  The effects will come on more quickly than with an oral dose and flavors will be more robust (∆8 and THCV are flavorless but keep in mind CBD oils can have a strong 'earthy' profile).

That's about it!  Tinctures are a convenient, precise and safe way to ingest our cannabis products.  They can take a little getting used to for the inexperienced, but the relief provided is well worth incorporating a new delivery method in to your day!

Check out our great line of tinctures here.

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